The Oklahoma Patriot Party

We are doing Patriot Stuff:

The first step is going to the Sec. of States office and getting official guidance, then we will draw out the road map to ballot access. Next we sit down with all the grassroots organizations, leaders and influencers to hammer out a 1 page platform. President Trump’s 100 day contract plus the last 4 years of his most successful policies (or the ones yet left to be accomplished) would be a good reference.


Bylaws are next! We are working with some seriously informed and experienced conservatives to help us form the framework. We will gather 40-50k signatures and return a petition to the Sec. of State. After 6 months of being registered under the new party, Patriots can start running for office apart from the failing and corrupted OKGOP.

Positions and committees will come with the first convention when we convene as a party. As a party and under provisional leadership, delegates will be credentialed. A newly elected Convention Chairman and Parliamentarian can then start with Robert's Rules until the party can approve the previously mentioned bylaws.

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